Make this Raffia Door Tassel

It’s no secret how much I am a fan of natural raffia! After making these clay & raffia bowls, a whole new process of using raffia was awakened.

The simple method of wrapping strands of raffia to give a ‘rope’ effect is the essence of this raffia door tassel. If you love the look of woven fibres, but maybe don’t have a lot of weaving skills (like me), then this is a DIY for you!

Wrapping strands of raffia to get a ‘woven’ look is a simple way of faking the woven effect. Read on for the raffia door tassel tutorial!

Make This Raffia Door Tassel - DIY Tutorial | Dossier Blog

You Will Need:

Natural Raffia
Glue (optional)

To start, you’ll need to gather a bunch of raffia approximately 60cm long. You can adjust the length for a larger or smaller tassel size if you like. In terms of thickness, my bunch had around 25 strands in it but you can make yours however thin or thick you’d like by adjusting how much raffia you use.

Trim any ends on the bunch that are extra long. Then take a new strand of raffia and tie it around your bunch around a quarter of the way in from one end.

Once you’ve tied a knot, begin to wrap or loop the raffia strand around the bunch tightly. Keep the wrapped strand nice and tight so that little or none of the bunch is visible through the wrapping.

Step-by-step photo tutorial to make a raffia door tassel | Dossier Blog

If your wrapped strand runs out, just tie a knot in the end and start with a new piece at the same spot. Wrap the bunch until you are around a quarter of the way from the other end. Then tie off the wrapping strand.

Gently bend the wrapped raffia bunch until the two ends meet. Wrap the two ends together tightly so that they sit side by side (see pics for example).

Tie your raffia off. You can also add a dab of glue onto the tied ends to make sure they don’t slip out if you like.

Your raffia door tassel is complete! You can gently iron the tassel if there’s any unruly strands sticking out.

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Close up of the raffia | Dossier Blog
DIY Raffia tassel hanging on door handle | Dossier Blog
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