New Series: Friday Thrift

Yay for a new blog series! As the name suggests, I’ll be posting anything about thrifting on a Friday – from my DIY thrift pieces, to great finds, to shopping certain trends. I would also love to see your thrifty pieces! Of course thrifting is so popular as it is so much cheaper than shopping in regular stores, but there’s also the thrill of finding something fantastic or being able to see the potential in something that looks, well, not so fantastic!

Friday Thrift: latest thrift shop finds

styling by @maretlarnachstyling

What is Thrifting Good For?

Thrifting is great for DIY and experimental things – those things you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on in case they don’t turn out, or you’re not sure how to go about doing something. There’s a lot less pressure on taking up a hem or painting furniture when you know you got it for a steal! Its also good for practice – the more items you thrift, recover, makeover or diy, the more confident you will be at taking on more risky projects.

Temporary Items– Thrifting is great for things you may only use once, such as a costume or decorations for a party. A lot of wedding decorations can be thrifted, such as cute little bottles and candle stands for table decorations.

More Creativity- even if I’m not looking for something specific, I’ll still go to the recycle centre to see if something inspires me or if an item jumps out at me. Also, my local recycle centre sets up little clusters of items that can inspire me, like table settings or the bike and bits and bobs in the photo above. They like to showcase what they have!

So, get ready to see some of my latest thrift shop finds in this new series, Friday Thrift! I’m looking forward to being challenged to get more of my thrift on.

Do you love thrifting? What are your secrets on finding great items?

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