Nice Farmer’s Market

A walk through the flower markets, or Nice Farmer’s Market.

Although called the Marche Aux Fleurs, you can actually find a lot more than flowers at the Nice Farmer’s Market! There is everything from fresh fruit, vegetables and meats plus local specialties like lavender and honey. It’s a great place to pick up a memoir of Nice or get some authentic souvenirs. I like to try and find souvenirs that are significant to the place I visited, either locally made or a local product the area is known for. It is so much more authentic than a trinket that is probably made in China! If you’ve traveled far, fresh products may not always be the go but there are always soaps, perfumes, hand creams and pottery products, which were all present at these markets.

Flowers at the Marche aux Fleurs, Nice France

colourful tins at Nice markets

teas, salts and spices at Nice markets

fresh olives at nice markets herbs, salts and teas at Nice markets

fresh stems of lavender at Nice markets

colourful trays at Nice markets

Marche Aux Fleurs
Cours Saleya
Nice, France


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