Plants that are Perfect for Valentine’s Day

Who knew nature was a romantic at heart?!

There’s no denying the popularity of greenery these days! And what better way to declare your love on Valentine’s Day than to gift a special-someone a nature inspired love note.

These days there’s so many more options than just a ‘love fern’ to symbolise your adoration for your special someone (How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, anyone?). But if you’re worried about the responsibility of looking after a plant that could make or break a growing relationship, never fear! These top varieties are easy-care, making them the perfect choice over any love fern. So whether your love has green thumb or not, these romantic indoor pot plants are easy to look after, hard to kill and will last a lot longer than any bunch of flowers could.

Plants that are perfect for Valentine's Day | Dossier Blog


Plants that are Perfect for Valentine’s Day

Plants that are Perfect for Valentine's Day - Hoya Plant | Dossier Blog

Hoya Plant
Also known as the Sweetheart Plant, this little succulent has perfectly heart-shaped leaves. You can often buy a single leaf in a pot that looks like a green heart, that will last a long time! If you find a full Hoya Plant, the many heart-shaped leaves are something to behold!

String of Hearts - Plants perfect for Valentine's | Dossier Blog
Image via the Glass Gardiner

String of Hearts
This trailing plant has little flat, heart-shaped leaves that cascade out of the pot. Perfect for your valentine in a hanging pot or basket.

Trending: Indoor Plants with Pink Foliage

Pink plant varieties
Did you know you can get house plants that have pink foliage?! There are variations of more well-known plants, like the Rubber Plant that have pink leaves (try the ‘Ficus Ruby’ variety), or also certain ones that naturally have pink foliage like Cordylines. Read all about it here.

Image via The Sill

Cascading Philodendron
Like the String of Hearts, Philodendrons are a cascading plant that look great hanging up or on a shelf. Their leaves are a bigger heart-shape and the varieties you can get have light green, dark green or a mixture of foliage tones. There’s also a variety with pink leaves!

Have you decided on a romantic pot plant for your Valentine?



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