Quick DIY: Fresh Foliage Christmas Garland

Its that time of year when I love to make simple and quick DIYs for Christmas time! Although this Garland is part of my Christmas decorations this year, it would also be great for a dinner or other themed parties such as a bridal shower.

For this Fresh Foliage Christmas Garland, I simply used the foliage I had available to me by cutting some from a bush at the front of our house. I don’t even know what sort of plant it is! But you could also use eucalyptus branches from a florist, or whatever you have locally available to you. The garland won’t get watered once its hung, but foliage is more forgiving than flowers – It still looks very fresh, five days later and counting!

Also, the clear wall hooks I used were the Command mini hooks that are removable and don’t damage the wall. They are a great gadget to keep around the house.

As this DIY is so simple, I recently shared it on my Instagram Stories. I’m sticking with the pictorials and thought I’d try something different, so in six easy picture steps, here it is!

Quick DIY: Fresh Foliage Christmas Garland

Step-by-step pictorial Christmas garland

what you need to make an easy garland


Garland step one - attach hook to wall

Garland step 2: tie foliage onto string


Garland step 3: Add more foliage

Garland Step 4: tie string to wall hook


Garland Step 5: Decorate with wire string lights

Garland step 6: Admire your new fresh garland


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