The Best Views in Jerusalem

The Old City of Jerusalem is a maze of covered walkways, narrow markets and disorienting alleys. While its fun to explore from ground level, its also good to get a different perspective from up high. Here are the top three viewing points we found in Jerusalem!

Top three lookouts to view the Old City of Jerusalem


Three: Mount of Olives
The Mount of Olives lies east of the Old City and has a lookout point great for getting some perspective. It is a fairly easy walk/climb from the Old City or there area always taxis willing to take you there. From the top you can see the eastern wall and gate, the Dome of the Rock and much more.

View from the Mount of Olives over Jerusalem
View from the Mount of Olives over Jerusalem


Two: Ramparts Walk
It’s not considered an official lookout, but the Ramparts Walk is a walkway that runs along the top of the Old City walls. It is about 16 shekels per ticket from the Jaffa Gate area and there are two entrances to the left and right of the Jaffa Gate. One entrance allows you to explore the walls of the city all the way down to the dung gate, while the other takes you right along to the Damascus Gate. It is a great insight into different parts of the Old City, including the mysterious Armenian Quarter. You can also see out to the surrounds of the modern city.

View looking out over the new section of Jerusalem on the Ramparts Walk
Looking out over a newer section of Jerusalem from the Ramparts Walk

On the Ramparts Walk

The walkway on the Old City walls - Ramparts Walk

On the Ramparts Walk

View of a dome on the Ramparts Walk

Street view in Old City on Ramparts Walk

A dome as seen from the walk and view into the Christian Quarter

Ramparts Walk view from the top of the Damascus Gate
Looking out on top of the Damascus Gate to the Old City entrance


One: Austrian Hospice Rooftop
The Austrian Hospice has to be the top viewpoint in the Old City! Not only is this place well hidden and not very well known, it only costs 5 shekels to visit this dedicated rooftop lookout to have unobstructed views all over the Old City. It is so well hidden that it took us a few times to find the right place, and then about 10 minutes of standing out the front and questioning whether we were actually allowed to buzz ourselves in and enter! The Austrian Hospice is on the corner of El Wad ha-Gai St and Via Dolorosa in the Muslim Quarter. The door is shut but there is a button to press and someone will open the door for you. Walk up some steps, through the reception area and straight up the staircase to visit the rooftop. There is also a cafeteria area and peaceful terrace if you would like to stay longer.

Austrian Hospice view, looking out over the Muslim quarter towards Christian Quarter

View from the Austrian Hospice rooftop

View to Holy Sepulchre church

Austrian Hospice view down to street level

Entry to the Austrian Hospice, buzz in on the left of the door
The entrance to the Austrian Hospice at street level


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