Top of the Rock NY

The first time we went to New York we didn’t climb any tall buildings for the view. At first I thought it was a bit too touristy to do, but the Top of the Rock Observatory ended up being one of my favourite activities on our second visit. Tour guides told us if you have tickets to climb any building, show up at least a couple hours before your ticket time as the line ups are always crazy. We got to the Rockerfeller Center an hour before our scheduled time, but there was no line up and we went straight to the top!



If you’re deciding what building you should check out for the views in New York, I would definitely recommend Top of the Rock. At the Top of the Rock, you get views on the north side over central park, and views over the whole downtown of Manhattan on the south side. Many people opt to climb the Empire State Building – it may be taller but then the iconic building itself won’t be in any of your photos! The Freedom Tower has also recently been opened for sightseeing but we witnessed the crazy lines just to get into the building on our way past. At Top of the Rock, there is no time limit once you are up there so you can stay and enjoy it as long as you like!


Rockerfeller Center Observatory
Entry on W 50th St between 5th & 6th Ave

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