Walking the High Line

The High Line is an old elevated railway line on the West side of Manhattan that has been turned into a green-space walking path. There are multiple stairways along the line where you can ascend to the park. We walked the majority of the 2.3km line until we reached a covered area with seating and a few pop-up shops and food stalls nearby Chelsea Market. Not only was it a whole lot more peaceful than the ground-level of Manhattan, but you can actually cover a lot of distance quite quickly as you don’t have to stop for traffic at each block! It definitely brought a whole new perspective to viewing the buildings of New York. Some of them are so close you could almost reach out and touch them! There was even some sneaky artwork to be enjoyed that we otherwise might have missed out on seeing.

The High Line
Starts W 34th St between 10th & 12th Ave

Chelsea / Meatpacking District

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