12 DIYs of Christmas #9: Bamboo Stars

Welcome back to the 12 DIYs of Christmas! Today’s DIY are bamboo stars you can make and add to your decor, tree or to presents.

I added one of these DIY bamboo stars to the top of my tree and it just completes the look of my whites & neutrals scheme!

The bamboo I used is actually from my local hardware store, sold in sets as garden stakes. This makes them super affordable but you could also use collected sticks or dowels.

#9: Bamboo Stars

You will Need:

-Bamboo sticks
-Hot glue gun
-Spray paint (optional)

Firstly, cut the bamboo sticks into even-sized pieces. You’ll need five pieces per star.

Lay out in a star shape the pieces to make give yourself an idea of where each piece will sit. Then, glue each piece together, one by one.

Once the glue has dried, I used some string to wrap around the ends, to cover any glue spots and reinforce it.

Paint your stars or leave them natural – I’m still undecided which is best!

How to make bamboo stars for Christmas decor or tree toppers | Dossier Blog

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DIY Bamboo Star tree topper | Dossier Blog

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