12 DIYs of Christmas #10: Festive Table Decor

Welcome back to the 12 DIYs of Christmas! It’s less than a week til Christmas – eek! So by now most of the prep, decor and hopefully shopping is all complete.

Today’s DIY is a little something to spruce up table settings – Candles and festive foliage table decor. I like that this is an effective way of updating your table with something festive, with things you most likely have around the house. Cut a few wild branches or splash out on a small bunch of foliage at the florist – that’s all you’ll need to prepare. Use whatever jars, bottles and candles you have on hand!

I collected some native Australian foliage – Christmas bush and Gum leaves. I love the tones in these two. The stems of the gum leaves compliment the pink in the Christmas bush so nicely! I managed to find a huge branch of it waiting for kerbside collection – flowers and all. Gotta love that!

#10: Festive Foliage Table Decor

You will need:

-Assorted jars and bottles

Collect a bunch of empty jars, bottles and candles. I know I’m not the only one with cupboards of them handy!

Fill up the jars partway with water and place the candle in the middle, so that the water reaches around 3/4 of the candle’s height. Fill up the excess space around the candle with foliage.

You can still light the candles, and I think it may even be safer than open air candles! Plus, any wax that drips will harden once it hits the water, meaning it won’t leave your jars caked with wax you’ll have to scrub off later.

Sit back and enjoy your festive candles and foliage table decor!

DIY native foliage table decor | Dossier Blog

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