DIY Polaroid Christmas Tree

I have loved using my Instax Mini instant camera to take candid shots of our travels and special moments. It is so unlike the digital world, where you can take as many shots as you want until you get the perfect one. I love the fact that you have one chance to take a shot, and however imperfect the moment may turn out, it is more a true reflection of that scene – no retouching or being able to choose one out of 50 pics!

My only struggle comes when I try to figure out how to display my precious memories. You can get small photo albums specifically for instant film sizes, however I have been thinking of some more display-friendly ways to use them and since it’s the Christmas season, what better way than decorating the tree with your year’s-worth of memories!

You could use this method for the normal 4×6” photos or even print your Instagram pics. All it takes is your tree, a bit of ribbon or other string, your photos and some mini pegs. I also added a doily to cover the base of the tree. What do you think of our DIY Polaroid Christmas Tree? What other ways have you come up with to display your Polaroids?

Instax mini decorations Polaroid tree decorations

Instax mini memories

Mini tabletop tree from Target ($5).

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