Edible Floral Ice Cubes

For now we are back at home and re-exploring our neighbourhood with new eyes, after being abroad for 14 months! I am on the lookout for simple homemade projects and it can’t get much simpler and effective than adding a bit of colour to your drinks by making edible floral ice cubes.

To make a bit more of an impact I found a giant-sized ice cube tray from Kmart ($2!) which also helps the ice cubes to stay in your drink longer, rather than instantly melting. I used Petunias and Begonias, which are actually considered edible flowers! Any type of flower is edible as long as it isn’t poisonous or cause a negative reaction. Sometimes parts of the flower may need to be removed before eating. You can find a useful list of edible flowers and more information here.

Edible flowers can also be used in cooking and in salads and are a great way to brighten up your dishes and drinks this summer festive season. What are some ways that you have used flowers in your kitchen?

Edible flowers in ice cubes

Floral ice cubes

floral cubes in Pink drink

edible floral ice cubes

flowers in drinks

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