How to Make Mini Plant Stands from Balsa

Sometimes a little bit of extra height is all that’s needed to make your mini planters stand out! I do love mini pots and plants, so to make a couple of mine extra special I made these mini plant stands out of balsa wood.

The great thing about balsa wood is that it is lightweight and you don’t need power tools to work with it. A simple craft knife and cutting mat will do. Read on for the tutorial.

Make these mini plant stands | Dossier Blog

You Will Need:

Balsa Wood
Craft knife
Cutting Mat
Ruler & Pencil

Two rectangle balsa pieces | Dossier Blog

To make a mini plant stand, start with two rectangular pieces of balsa that are at least a couple of cm wider than the pot you’d like them to use. You can really make them any size or height, but I’ll show you the measurements I made for this mini terracotta pot.

My balsa wood rectangles were around 10cm by 8cm. On the long side, mark around 1.5cm in from each side. Cut down into the balsa around 3cm deep, then join up these two cuts across the balsa to cut out the inside. Do this for both pieces. This is where the pot will sit.

Cut the balsa to fit your pot plant | Dossier Blog

On the bottom long edge, measure the centre of the balsa. You want to cut out a skinny section that is as wide as the balsa wood is. For mine, this was about 2mm thick. Cut it half way up to the middle section you cut out.

On the other piece, do the same except start from the centre of the cut out section.

Cut the two slits to join the pieces together | Dossier Blog

Cross the two pieces over and push them together. If they don’t quite fit together, shave a little more off each side of the slits. It’s better to start slightly too small than go too big and have them loose.

Your mini plant stand is complete!

The completed mini plant stand from balsa | Dossier Blog
Pilea in terracotta pot with balsa plant stand | Dossier Blog
Cactus in terracotta pot with balsa plant stand | Dossier Blog
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