Quick DIY- Rope Hanging Planter

Macrame hanging planters are back in fashion and their versatility for indoors and outdoors makes them a great DIY project. Together with the rise of indoor plants, a hanging planter is a stylish decor item! But fear not if your macrame skills are not up to scratch, this simple and effective rope hanging planter requires little-to-none macrame skills – All you need to be able to do is tie a couple of knots. I made a couple of different styles, one using balsa wood for a mini succulent plant, and for the other I used a log for a more raw, outdoors feel.


Quick DIY Rope hanging planter- no macrame skills needed!

2-Material DIY, easy hanging planter shelf

Use a log to create a rope hanging planter

Balsawood easy mini hanging planter with succulent

For this Quick DIY Rope Hanging Planter, you’ll only need two materials:

– Rope, and

– A Shelf such as a log, balsa wood or other square-ish item. You could even use a tile or wooden chopping board!

Cut 4 or 8 (whatever you prefer) pieces of rope and tie them all in a knot close to one end. Place the knot in the centre of your shelf-piece and wrap the rope around each side, so that each side has a rope supporting it. Tie a loop knot at the other end of your rope and hang it up!

*For the bigger hanging planter, I used two extra long pieces of rope, doubled them over in the centre and tied the 4 ends together to make the bottom. Near the doubled-over loop section, I tied a thinner piece of string around to create a ‘loop’ like top. Easy as!

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Loop knot for hanging planter

Underneath hanging planter - simple knot

DIY Hanging shelf for plants

Outdoor hanging planter with rope and wood

Quick DIY- rope hanging planter

Aloe Vera succulent rope hanging planter DIY

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