Santorini Sunset Boat Cruise

One of our highlights on Santorini was actually getting off the island – on a sunset boat cruise! There are a few different companies that do boat trips from Santorini but we went with Dakoutros Bros, partly because of their old wooden clipper-style boats.

Fira Old Port Dakoutros Bros Boat

We departed from the Old Port in Fira and our first stop was the volcanic island of Nea Kameni. The island looks like it’s from a science fiction movie – its completely made of volcanic rock and is desolate. There is no man-made port on the island so our boat had to ‘raft-up’ to two other boats docked and then we had to walk through each boat to get to shore. It was pretty cool. The only other thing we had to pay for on the boat trip was the 2 Euro entry fee to the island.

Nea Kameni natural harbour

Nea Kameni Walk

The climb to the top of the crater takes about 25 minutes and gives great views over the volcano and also all the way to Santorini. There is a bit of a sulphur smell and you can even see the volcano still smoking in some parts!

Nea Kameni Crater Nea Kameni Sulphur

Nea Kameni Crater layers

After the climb we went to the hot springs, which are located in a cove on Palea Kameni. The hot springs are muddy and brown in colour, which can stain light coloured swimwear. We had to jump off the boat and swim into the cove about 20 metres or so, and slowly the water changes colour and gets warmer!

Palea Kameni Hot Springs

Lastly we headed over to Oia to watch the sunset with a glass of local wine.

Oia Sunset

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