Santorini on a Budget

One thing I found a little hard to get used to through Julian and my travels is that because there are two of us, everything costs double! It sounds kind of silly but it is something that slips your mind and quickly adds up. Greece is a great part of Europe for cheaper travel and while we were there we scoped out a few bargains and activities that helped us enjoy Santorini on a budget!

Eat Gyros
When in Greece it’s impossible to miss having a gyro or two for lunch! They are so cheap, fresh and tasty. We found a great place in Fira called Bagiatiko Food Bar, just off the main square. They were the tastiest gyros we had on our trip and we ate there nearly everyday for lunch. The gyros will set you back about 2.50 euro and you can even sit on their cool swing seats while you eat.
Bagiatiko Food Bar in Fira

Best gyros in Santorini

Swing seat at Bagiatiko

Eat Ice Cream
What is a holiday without eating ice cream nearly every day? On the main street just north of the square there is a little bakery called Svoronos that sells mini ice creams for only one Euro each! They had all types of flavours and styles – it was our regular after our gyros lunch.

Mini ice creams in Fira

Mini heart ice creams in Fira

See Oia
For a cheap day trip, you can catch the bus from Fira to Oia for 1.80 euro one way. Oia is a cute little town on the north of Santorini that is famous for windmills and watching the sunset. The streets in Oia are more like paths, there are no cars in the town so it’s quieter than Fira.

Oia view to castle, Santorini

Flowers and Dome in Oia

Oia and flowers, Santorini

Watch the Sunset
Watching the sunset along the cliffside is a must while on Santorini. Oia has some great spots to watch the sunset, such as the abandoned castle that was used in the film Tomb Raider, but Fira also has some great vantage points. You could also pick up some cheap picnic foods- wine and cheeses on your way.

Sunset in Oia from boat

Oia red sunset

Visit the Old Port
Don’t forget to walk down to the Old Port in Fira. The water down there is so nice and there are little shops and restaurants to see. Instead of the crazy climb back up the cliff, you can catch either the cable car or a donkey ride back to the top for 5 euro each.

Boats in Old Port, Fira Santorini

Cable car or donkey ride up the cliff

View of the cable car Fira

Harbour boats in Fira

Donkeys in Fira

Visit a Winery
There’s many wineries on Santorini and although they may not be right in town, some of them do free tastings and even have tours. There’s also the Santorini Brewing Company, whose brew is stocked in pretty much every restaurant around so you won’t have any trouble taste testing the local brew.

Santorini Doorway

Santorini White Wine

Experience a Fish Spa
We noticed a few fish spas around Fira but the one I ended up going to was just off the main square. It was 10 euro for 15 minutes, plus if you return for a second time with your receipt you get a discount, and your third visit is free!

Fish Spa Experience, Fira

Relax By the Pool
If you are staying somewhere that has a pool, spend some time poolside and enjoy the warm weather.

Accommodation in Santorini is cheaper than you think! We had a pretty tight budget for Accommodation and most of our hotels in Europe where not the nicest but while we were here we stayed at a 4 or 5 star place that fit into our tight budget. Try sites such as to find many amazing deals.

If you’re planning on visiting Europe don’t miss Santorini – Greece is comparably cheaper than other countries. Our five days in Santorini were a blend of relaxing and adventurous, but most of all we managed to see the sites and fit everything in on our budget. Hopefully these tips show that there’s a lot to do on Santorini that can be achieved without breaking the bank! Don’t forget to pin this post if it was helpful and find us on Bloglovin’ to keep updated on the latest posts!

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