12 DIYs of Christmas #11: Raffia Ribbons

12 DIYs of Christmas - Raffia Ribbons | Dossier Blog

Welcome back to the 12 DIYs of Christmas! I’m guessing all that’s left to be done for Christmas might be a little bit of present wrapping. These raffia ribbons are a little something simple to add to your present wrapping, taking barely any time but adding a whole lot of natural charm.


#11: Raffia Ribbons

You will need:

-Double sided tape

Firstly we’ll need to cut the raffia into small lengths around 4 inches (10cm) wide. To do this the easy way, grab a piece of cardboard with this width and wrap the raffia around and around. That way you can slip your scissors through and cut the raffia at the same time, leaving you with pieces all the same length.

Next, take a length of ribbon and stick a length of double-sided tape on the underside. Remove the top layer of tape and place the pieces of raffia along the ribbon.

Make these simple raffia ribbons to update your gift wrap | Dossier Blog


That’s all there is to this DIY! You can do a whole length of raffia ribbon or just the section that will sit on top of a present. It may be best to wrap and measure your presents first so you know how much ribbon you’ll need.

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