12 DIYs of Christmas: Fresh Foliage Decor

Guys! I’m especially excited for today’s DIY, because I literally didn’t buy any of the materials.

Yep – everything in this simple fresh foliage decor was from around the house (or in the yard). And I’m sure you’d be able to recreate this at home just as easily!

Sometimes DIY projects can end up costing more than just buying the equivalent, which can be a bummer. But I’m all about cost-saving, and this year’s 12 DIYs of Christmas is no different!

This was a super easy way to make a fresh and simple table centrepiece. No skills required!

Read on for the details on making this fresh foliage decor.

12 DIYs of Christmas: Fresh Foliage Centrepiece | Dossier Blog

You will need:

-Box or storage container

use native foliage to create a table centrepiece | Dossier Blog

You may recognise the wooden box in this centrepiece. It’s one of Kmart’s bamboo storage containers! Normally it holds our herb & spice jars in the pantry. Kmart has a range of sizes of these boxes, so if you did want to buy some to recreate this DIY, you could really mix and match.

Firstly, add your candles to the box. I’ll let you in on a little secret: I used my endless supply of tinned tuna underneath the candles to give them a little extra height. Cos no one is going to eat tuna at Christmas time, amiright?!

Stick your candles to the box or tuna tins with a good blob of bluetak to help them stay put.

Next, forage around your yard or neighbourhood for some foliage. I love the look of native paperpark stems. The young stems even have a red and green colour combo, and they last such a long time without wilting.

Layer enough foliage in the box that the bottom is covered, and there’s some spilling over. I’m the last person to make a great flower display, so you can’t get this part wrong!

Add a few small stems on each person’s table setting to finish off the look.

Now you’re ready to host your Christmas party!

Fresh foliage decor for Christmas | Dossier Blog
Add native foliage to table settings | Dossier Blog
Tie the look together with greenery | Dossier Blog
Make this simple & fresh festive table decor | Dossier Blog

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