12 DIYs of Christmas: Canvas Gift Bag Line Art

Welcome back to the 12 DIYs of Christmas! Today I made this canvas gift bag line art DIY for a reusable gift wrap option.

This year I’m not sure I’ll need to buy any wrapping paper. Instead, I’ve found a bunch of ways to wrap presents with materials I already have, or by finding reusable gift wrap options.

Reusable canvas bags are so handy to have around. Whether it’s for your grocery shopping, or just to keep one in your handbag in case of [shopping] emergencies.

So why not use them as gift wrap, too! Instead of just popping the present in a plain, boring bag, why not try your hand at a little bit of line drawing!

It’s super easy, it doesn’t matter if it turns out a little abstract (winning) and can be customised to something the gift recipient will love.

Try your hand at line drawing on a reusable gift bag | Dossier Blog

You will Need:

Reusable canvas bags
Fabric Marker
Stencil (optional)

It’s easy enough to scroll on Pinterest for some line art inspo. It really is an art form that anyone can do!

Recently I also posted about some line art T-shirts I made. If you’re after some stencils, check out the line art T-shirt post for some downloadable ones.

I found it easiest to use a pencil to draw my design onto a piece of paper first. Once you’re happy with it, go over the stencil with a marker.

Then, place the piece of paper in between the layers of your bag so that it is visibly traceable.

Trace your line drawing onto the bag with a fabric marker.

Voila – your canvas gift bag line art is complete! Don’t forget to check out the other 12 DIYs of Christmas too.

Line drawing on a canvas bag for Christmas | Dossier Blog
A cute little rose line drawing for Christmas | Dossier Blog
Try these canvas gift bag line art for Christmas | Dossier Blog
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