12 DIYs of Christmas: Refreshing Face Spray Gifts

You’ve done all your Christmas shopping. Sent all your Christmas cards and packed the teacher’s gift in the kids’ school bags.

No matter how many lists I write or how much I plan, there’s always another person that slipped my mind when it comes to Christmas gifts!

Enter these DIY refreshing face sprays. They make great gifts because 1. You can make them in bulk, and 2. They’re small enough to carry with you, if you ever get caught without a present for someone!

So bypass the bulk candy canes and forget about the gift-wrapped chocolates – we’ll eat enough of those over the holidays anyway. These mini face sprays are the exception to those obligatory present rules.

12 DIYs of Christmas: Refreshing Face Sprays | Dossier Blog

You will Need:

-Green Tea and/or Chamomile Tea
-Orange blossom water and/or Rose Water
-Mini Spray Bottles

The ingredients in these face sprays all have antioxidants and benefits for the skin, and they smell delicious!

You could mix and match the flavours how you like. I made a green tea & orange blossom spray, and a Chamomile & Rose spray.

Make up a strong cup of tea, allowing the tea to steep a little longer than normal. Once the tea has cooled, add a splash of rose or orange blossom water. Then, transfer the mix to your mini spray bottles. It’s that simple!

When sprayed, the scent is light and refreshing. Spritz as often as desired!

Don’t forget to check out the other projects in the 12 DIYs of Christmas series!

Green tea and orange blossom face spray | Dossier Blog
make these refreshing mini face sprays for Christmas gifts | Dossier Blog
refreshing face sprays | Dossier Blog
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