12 DIYs of Christmas: Palm Frond Centrepiece

I’m currently loving that natural elements are back – in a big way. It makes it so fun and easy to decorate with nature! Whether it be for an occasion (like Christmas) or just adding to your decor.

The palms I used in this centrepiece were foraged. But if you can’t find any in your area, you could always ask your local florist who would likely be able to source some for you.

Hanging something from the ceiling is a bit of a unique way to decorate a table. And because palm fronds are reasonably light, you won’t need to make any holes or damage your ceiling in the process.

Read on for details on creating this palm frond centrepiece!

12 DIYs of Christmas: Palm Frond Centrepiece | Dossier Blog

You will Need:

-Palm Fronds
Command hooks
-String lights

Palm fronds for Christmas | Dossier Blog

This is a pretty simple centrepiece to put up. Firstly, attach your Command hooks to the ceiling above your table.

Then cut two long pieces of string per palm frond. Tie them at each end, then tie the other end to the hooks.

The hardest part will be determining the right height to hang your palm fronds! Once they’re up, drape them in fairy lights and set the table however you’d like.

Palm frond for Christmas decor | Dossier Blog
Candles, dried palm fronds and pine cones | Dossier Blog
Dried palms for festive decor | Dossier Blog

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