12 DIYs of Christmas: Shell Gift Box

Guys! This is a little Christmas DIY that I’ve been saving for months now, and I’m so excited to finally share it! This shell gift box DIY is such a simple idea to make, but so effective at the same time.

It costs a few dollars to make (I found the shells at a discount store), and then you can fill your shell gift box with either the most exquisite jewellery piece for a special friend, or dress up some cute hair clips, or even add a meaningful charm that you know someone will love.

At first I wondered how I would get the shell gift box to open – should I glue the halves together somehow? Or add a hinge so they open like magic? But honestly, sometimes simple is best.

This shell gift box is held in place surprisingly firmly by the ribbon. With the inner shell cushion fitting pretty snug on the inside, it’s quite a secure little home for your Christmas gift.

Make this shell gift box | Dossier Blog
Make a shell gift box for Christmas | Dossier Blog
Pearl earrings gifted in a shell | Dossier Blog
Make this DIY Shell Gift Box to give jewellery or small gifts | Dossier Blog

You will Need:

Two shells
Hobby Fill (pillow stuffing)

Satin fabric and shells to make this simple shell box | Dossier Blog

Something to note when gathering your materials for this project is to find two shells that are as close in size as possible. This will help the edges meet to form the gift box.

One: Make the Puffy Shell Pillow

First we’ll make the little shell cushion that sits inside the shell halves. Take one of the shells and place it onto your fabric. Trace out the shape twice, and cut out the two pieces. The great thing about this DIY is that tracing the shell will give us just the right size template to allow for the seam. Once sewed, the cushion will fit perfectly inside the shell.

Cut another strip of fabric that is an inch wide and just longer than your shells. Sew this piece in half lengthways, and turn it right-side-in. This will be the little pocket or flap that your jewellery or gift will sit on. You may need to iron the strip flat.

Cutting out the shell template from fabric for the inner cushion | Dossier Blog

Take the strip and place it between the two fabric shell templates, with the shell templates facing right-side-in.

Pin and sew around the edges of the shell, leaving the top open to fill.

Turn the shell fabric right-side out. You may need to iron it flat. Then, fill the shell with hobby fill until it’s nice and puffy.

Fold and sew over the opening.

Two: Put together your Shell Gift Box

All that’s left to do is place your fabric shell cushion within the shell, place the other shell on top and wrap it closed with a ribbon. Oh, and don’t forget to add your gift! Voila – your shell gift box is complete!

Make this simple shell gift box | Dossier Blog
12 DIYs of Christmas - Shells | Dossier Blog
Shell earrings on shell cushion DIY | Dossier Blog

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