Make these Wire Coil Earrings

Make these wire coil earrings | Dossier Blog

Ciao! These coil earrings are giving me allll the European summer feels. If only we could all be lounging at the beach right now; headscarf, chunky jewellery. Reading a favourite magazine and feeling the sun tanning you!

These earrings were one of those simple DIYs that came about in the spur of the moment, and turned out easier than I imagined. Hoop earrings are one of those fashion items I’m sure almost every girl owns. But if not, you can pick up a pair and make these coil earrings for under $10 – seriously!

Make these wire coil earrings for under $10! | Dossier Blog
DIY Wire Coil Earrings

You will Need:

Wire approx 1mm thick
Hoop Earrings
Dowel or similar
Measuring tape
Spray Paint (optional)

Firstly, a note on using wire. Mine was 1.5mm thickness, which worked well but was a little harder to manoeuvre. To make it easier I would suggest going with a slightly thinner wire around 1mm thick.

Measure the circumference of your earrings, where the coil will sit.

Start by winding the wire onto your dowel, leaving an inch of wire free at the beginning. Continue to wind the wire to make a coil. Don’t worry about getting the wire too close together, some free space between the coil is ok. Once you’ve made a coil the circumference of your earrings, cut the wire and remove it from the dowel.

Slip the coil over the earring. You may need to pre-bend the coil slightly to help the process. Once it’s on, use pliers to bend and press the end of the coils onto the hoop. This will keep them in place and prevent any wire sticking out. Cut off any excess wire.

If you’re after silver coloured coil earrings, you’re done! I used spray paint to give a gold effect. You can use gold-toned wire but if it’s hard to come across, a spray paint in fine layers works well too.

What do you think of these DIY coil earrings? I originally wanted a gold pair, but am loving the silver almost as much!

For more fashion DIYs, see this page.

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