The Simplest Healthy Pancakes

Is there anything better than a pancake breakfast on a slow Saturday morning?! I think not! I wanted to share this simple healthy pancake recipe I’ve been making recently as I’ve been enjoying it so much! Not only are these pancakes healthy, they’re also super simple to make, meaning you probably won’t even have to duck to the shops for anything.

There’s just two main ingredients – egg and banana. While this sounds super basic, you’d be surprised at how good it tastes! I could easily swap my regular pancake shaker mix out for this version. Not only is it healthy, but it doesn’t leave me feeling bloaty or sugared-out for the rest of the day.

And, as an added bonus, they’re gluten free and sugar free (added sugar, that is!)

Greek yoghurt is my secret pancake topping ingredient! So tasty! | Dossier Blog

Now, you can still add a bunch of options to these healthy pancakes to spruce them up – choc chips, Nutella, maple syrup, ice cream etc etc. But I like to keep it pretty simple. My secret topping ingredient is in fact Greek yoghurt! To me, the best Greek yoghurt has no added sugar yet can still be enjoyed plain without being too tart (this Greek yoghurt is my fave). Partnered with some blueberries and a touch of maple syrup, its the perfect thing to cut through the sweetness while still being so enjoyable.

The simplest healthy pancakes that only use two ingredients! | Dossier Blog
The Simplest Healthy Pancakes

You will Need:

-2 Bananas
-2 Eggs

Topping Ideas:
-Maple, honey or lemon
-Greek Yoghurt

This recipe calls for one large banana per two eggs, however as my bananas were small I used one and a half. You can get one decent serving out of this, so just times this formula by however many people you want to feed.

Wizz up the eggs and banana with a stick blender or similar. This will help give the pancakes a bit of extra fluffiness and also make it smooth. If you’d like a fluffier version, try adding some baking powder in.

Add the mix into a hot pan and cook as you would a normal pancake. I would add that it’s definitely easier with this mix to flip them over if you keep the pancakes smaller.

It also may take a little longer than a usual pancake to cook through, so keep the pan on a medium heat to avoid burning the sides.

Add your toppings and enjoy!

The easiest two ingredient pancakes that are guilt-free! | Dossier Blog

While I don’t post a lot of food-related ideas, if I do come across something I love, I’ll share it! If you’re interested in other healthy sweet foods, check out this simple dessert platter that’s really popular.

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