Five Tel Aviv Must-Do’s

Looking for the best things to do in Tel Aviv? This city is the modern and thriving coastal metropolis of Israel in the Middle East. It is often overlooked as a place to visit for those traveling to Israel for religious and historical reasons, but nevertheless it is a hub of culture, great food and relaxed vibes.

The country of Israel is so small that you can drive between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv in about an hour, so its well worth it to spend some time in Tel Aviv. Most flights arrive into Israel at Ben Gurion airport, which is on the outskirts of the city and the train line can take you straight into the central area. If you stay in the centre, the city is small enough to walk between nearly everything you might want to see. In fact, all of the below activities we got to on foot!

Here are some activities that really highlight the feel of this city – you won’t want to miss these during your stay in Tel Aviv!

There are so many markets in Tel Aviv and a lot of diversity with what they have to offer, too. While some specialty vintage/craft markets may only be open on Tuesdays and Fridays, there’s always the variety of the Carmel Markets for fresh produce, gifts, tasty snacks and clothing. The long-running Jaffa Flea Market is another must-see, which sprawls through the streets and on nearly every bit of free pavement.

Dizengoff Market Marquee

Jaffa Antiques

Become a Foodie
Tel Aviv is becoming quite well known for its food scene. Whether its street food in the markets or one of the top restaurants, there are so many places to eat with many well-known chefs who have made a name for themselves. For the budget-conscious, the Carmel Markets are a great place for fresh finds, as is the tastiest pasta house, Pasta Basta, which sits at the intersection outside the markets on King George St. This pasta bar makes their pasta fresh on the premises and is so tasty we ended up going there almost every second night! Fortunately they also had a location at the Machane Yehuda markets in Jerusalem so we could keep on getting our fix.

Fresh Bread at Markets

Arepas Venezuelan

Cooking at Arepas Cofizz Coffee Slushie

One thing people may not realise about Israel is that it actually sits along the Mediterranean Sea… Need I say more! The water is warm and crystal clear, the beaches are free and the sun is hot. The busiest beach day in Israel is Shabbat on Saturdays, where you can hear numerous thwacks of paddle ball being played across the sand. Its also a must-do to watch the sun set over the water from the promenade in the evenings.

Tel Aviv Beach Sunset

Old Jaffa
The historical part of Tel Aviv is known as the Old Port of Jaffa, which has a history of 4000 years. While the buildings here don’t necessarily date back that long, its still a great place to explore and learn about while walking though its unique paved walkways and palm-tree lined streets.

Old Jaffa Port

Jaffa lights and path Jaffa door and steps

While Tel Aviv may not rival Jerusalem in its history it is still a hub for great museums, cultural and art galleries. There is still much to discover including the history of Tel Aviv-Yafo or the history of the Jewish people. You can check out a list of the best museums here – you’re bound to find at least one or two that strikes an interest.

Haiatzl Museum Tel Aviv

So there you have it! Five activities that give a great summary of what Tel Aviv is all about. Have you visitied Tel Aviv, and if so, what were your favourite activities in this city?

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