Top Ten Places to Visit in Israel

Israel may be a small nation but is filled with great diversity. From the history, culture and natural attractions there is so much you can do and see! We spent nearly a month in Israel and have shortlisted in no particular order the top ten places to visit in Israel – you can’t leave without seeing these! Are these sites on your list yet? Take note!

Something you might want to consider if you’re planning on visiting Israel is either going on a tour or seeing some of the sights with a day tour. While Israel is fairly small, you will need to find a way to get around.

And with so much to see and know, it’s worth having an expert to share with you the history, culture and secrets of each destination! Bein Harim tours provide day trips & tours in Israel and I’d recommend checking them out to make the most of your trip.

Now, on to the recommendations!

Top Ten places to visit in Israel


Sunset over Haifa Beach

Mediterranean Sea – via Tel Aviv, Jaffa, Haifa

Don’t let Israel’s Middle-Eastern location fool you, the country also has an amazing coastline spanning north to south on the Mediterranean Sea. Tel Aviv is a laid back and modern beach city, but anywhere along the coast you can find crystal clear water just waiting for you to jump in. Take advantage of the warm weather and calm waters!


Ginosar shores on the Galilee

Sea of Galilee

As soon as you descend from the hills down to the Sea of Galilee you will immediately feel a calm that covers the whole area. Stay in Tiberias, the main town on the lake and venture out around the Galilee to explore wineries, the hometown of Jesus and the Jordan River.


Prayers in the Western Wall

Jerusalem: Western Wall

The Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem is such an icon of Israel and speaks of the history, struggles and faith of the Jewish people. Take the time to venture up close to this epic wall, witness the prayers and see the papers jammed in every crack – an experience you won’t quickly forget.


Steps to the Dome of the Rock

Jerusalem: Temple Mount

Similarly, the Temple Mount and golden Dome of the Rock dominate the landscape of Jerusalem. While visiting hours are slim, make the effort to visit the Temple Mount to witness another piece of the story of Jerusalem’s history. The courtyards are relatively quiet and the tile mosaic tiles are amazing up close. Find out what you should know about visiting the Temple Mount here.


Jerusalem: Visiting the Garden Tomb

Jerusalem: Garden Tomb

The Garden Tomb is a lesser-known location of the death and burial of Jesus. The other location most assume is correct is the massive church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Old City, however upon visiting the Garden Tomb we were struck with the humble authenticity of the location. Of course you will come across the Holy Sepulchre on any meander through the Old City but don’t forget to venture just outside the walls to this quiet and eye-opening spot, to make up your own mind.


Olive trees in the Garden of Gethsemane

Jerusalem: Gethsemane

While most historical holy sites are dominated by church memorials or buried under years of rubble, the Garden of Gethsemane is one of the few natural sites left in Jerusalem from the time of Jesus. Obviously it doesn’t look exactly the same however some of the trees in this garden are dated at 2000 years old! If these trees could talk…


Market stalls in the Old City


Outside of the history and religion of Jerusalem, you can’t miss visiting the Machane Yehuda markets. Its where the locals shop and is packed with fresh produce, pastries, souvenirs and knick knacks. Tel Aviv also has a range of markets for every product (check out my market guide here!). They often have some great small restaurants and stalls that sell fresh and reasonably priced food. Don’t miss the most amazing pasta at Pasta Basta!


what you need to know about visiting the dead sea

Dead Sea

One of the most unique places on earth has to be the Dead Sea. At a salinity of 30%, swimming in this lake will have you bobbing like a cork in the ocean! Not to mention the abundance of minerals in the water and the spa treatments available using Dead Sea mud. Drive out from Jerusalem or stay a couple of days in this peaceful oasis.


Cable car to the top of Masada

The Desert Fortress of Masada

Not far from the Dead Sea, at the edge of the wilderness, lies the desert fortress of Masada. This fortress was home to King Herod’s palace hideout and was also the location for the last Jewish rebels against the Romans in 70 AD. Hike the snake path or ride the cable car to the top for amazing views in every direction.

The Treasury at Petra, Jordan

Petra (bonus)

While Petra isn’t in Israel but in the neighbouring nation of Jordan, it is an unmissable day trip to take from either Jerusalem or Eilat. This ancient lost city was only rediscovered in the 1800s and consequently is amazingly preserved. There are not many words to describe this wonder of the world, except: ‘Go there!’

Have you been to Israel? What were your must-see attractions? For more information on Israel feel free to comment below or look under Israel on the travel tab to see more of our trip. Don’t forget to pin this post!

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