Make an Extra Long Lumbar Pillow from Table Runners

Fancy one of those extra long lumbar pillows but without the extra large price tag? Me too!

Whether for a bed, lounge or just for fun, long lumbar pillows are starting to pop up everywhere. When I first wanted to pick one up, I noticed I couldn’t find any below $100.

Where budgets fail, DIY remains and I’m happy to share this DIY extra long lumbar pillow that came in under about $35 – a pretty good deal in my opinion!

So you’ve probably guessed from the title of this post what I used to create this lumbar pillow. I used two jute table runners for this pillow. But if you find a table runner in the right size (like this one), you could easily fold it in half and sew it up to create this project.

Then just a couple of regular sized lumbar cushion inserts off eBay will do the trick.

Make an extra long lumbar cushion out of table runners | Dossier Blog

You will need:

1-2 table runners (I used Kmart’s jute ones)
Jute twine
Large needle
Lumbar cushion inserts

repurpose jute table runners into a lumbar pillow | Dossier Blog

To start with, measure how long you’d like your cushion to be. If you need to cut your table runner, leave an extra 10cm or so to allow for fraying & tying the ends.Then pull a few of the horizontal strands out so you have room to tie the ends to make sure it stops fraying.

Fold your table runner in half or place the two cut pieces on top of each other. Use a needle and jute twine to blanket stitch along three edges.

Add the cushion inserts into the fabric before finishing off sewing the final side.

Your extra long lumbar pillow is complete!

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